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Digital Media Addiction (DMA) "Support Coaching"



“Using social media can lead to physical and psychological addiction because it triggers the brain's reward system to release dopamine, the “feel-good” chemical. Dopamine is actually a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger between neurons) involved in neurological and physiological functioning.” – cited:


“Digital addiction is a harmful dependence on digital media and devices such as smartphones, video games, and computers. Some psychologists believe that addiction to electronic devices and media should be classified similarly to substance abuse disorders. June 30, 2022.” – cited:

What causes social media addiction or DMA?

“Amongst the most widely-recognized causes of addiction to social media are low self-esteem, personal dissatisfaction, depression, hyperactivity, and even lack of affection, a deficiency that adolescents frequently try to replace with the famous likes.”
– cited:




















Start your journey to social media recovery today!  Click the link below for a FREE intake session.  We are proud of your decision to face this “giant”, and we are here to support your efforts. – Dr. I. Kirkpatrick, BSIS, THD, Certified Life/Business Coach, MH 1st Aid

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