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The Meeting of The Kings

Inside (The Vision Center) 6859 LENOX AVE. JACKSONVILLE, FL 32205

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Vision Statement:

The Meeting of The Kings:  is a once a month Kingdom Fellowship and Training Symposium for men of all ages.  We are Kingdom focused in the following area’s; business, financial health, physical health, personal/career development and personal relationship with God.

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The Vision will be carried out through monthly meetings that focus on training and fellowship.  Each meeting will be centered around a theme/topic that is meant to encourage, empower and equip each person to live their best life at their highest and best use. The Meeting of The Kings will be held every 1st Monday of each month. 

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Monthly Calendar/Events

Join this new "Movement"!  Finally a meeting for men that is focused on "The Total Man" (Health, Wealth, & Spirit).  Join us on:

* Every 1st Monday at 6:30pm




Contact us at:  1-800-913-1636 (ext 108)

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